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Miracles – In The Hands Of Experts

You know, sometimes, life puts you in a bind. At times, the suffering is immense. There is pain. There is agony. Sometimes one wants to lose hope against the odds stacked against them. Life can be merciless and brutal.
But, there is a much stronger force in the Universe that can battle all the negativity and mayhem. That force is the power of the human will. This will, when exercised, becomes indomitable, indestructible, and overpowering. The following is the story of a couple who prevailed against the punishing tides of the events of life.
Aisha and Murad had been married for 3 years. They had tried for 3 years to have a child, but were not able to. Aisha was 23 years of age and Murad was 34. Although they were a happy couple, things were a bit challenging
for them. Murad had a number of serious medical conditions. He was diabetic, had renal failure, and was on dialysis. Dealing with Murad’s health issues and maintaining an equilibrium in the marriage had created a void in their lives. That’s why they desired a child in their lives. They needed a bundle of joy. They needed to laugh through their tough times. One fateful day, the couple came across an ad by the Concept Fertility Centre. The couple visited the centre and were met by the Concept Fertility Centre’s expert doctors. This was not a normal case. It was quite complicated because of Murad’s various conditions and the fact that he initially was not able to provide semen for the advised IVF. Murad was determined and subsequently was able to provide the required semen sample. With the semen, the team froze it and was able to successfully administer the IVF. The couple was blessed with a lovely child in September 2015.

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