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PGS Treatment

PGS Treatment

Empowering Precision in Your Fertility Journey

We are delighted to provide Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) treatment, an advanced reproductive technology that empowers precision in the selection of embryos during the IVF process. PGS offers valuable insights into the genetic health of embryos, helping to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

What is PGS?

Preimplantation Genetic Screening, commonly known as PGS, is a groundbreaking laboratory technique that allows for the evaluation of embryos for chromosomal abnormalities before their transfer into the uterus. By analyzing a small sample of cells from the developing embryo, PGS enables our experts to identify embryos with the correct number of chromosomes, minimizing the risk of genetic disorders and increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Who Can Benefit from PGS?

PGS treatment is recommended in various scenarios, including:
  1. Advanced Maternal Age: As a woman’s age increases, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos also rises. PGS can provide valuable information about the genetic health of embryos, particularly for individuals or couples who are of advanced maternal age.
  2. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages or failed IVF cycles may benefit from PGS, as it can identify embryos with chromosomal abnormalities that may have contributed to previous pregnancy losses.
  3. Genetic Disorders: Individuals or couples with a known history of genetic disorders in their family can opt for PGS to select embryos free from specific genetic conditions, reducing the risk of passing them on to their children.
  4. Previous IVF Failures: PGS can be a valuable option for individuals or couples who have had multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, as it enhances embryo selection by identifying chromosomally normal embryos with the highest potential for implantation and healthy pregnancy.
  5. Family Balancing: PGS can be used to determine the gender of embryos, enabling individuals or couples to choose the sex of their baby for family balancing purposes in cases where there is a preference or a medical need.
  6. Male Factor Infertility: When male fertility issues, such as low sperm count or decreased sperm motility, are present, IUI can help overcome some of these obstacles by delivering a higher concentration of healthy sperm directly to the uterus.
  7. Cervical Issues: IUI can bypass cervical abnormalities, such as cervical mucus hostility or cervical scar tissue, which may impede the sperm’s journey to the egg.
  8. Mild Endometriosis: For individuals with mild endometriosis, IUI can enhance the chances of fertilization by increasing the concentration of sperm directly in the uterus.

Take the Next Step:

f you are considering PGS treatment or have questions about this advanced reproductive technology, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced fertility specialists. Together, we can assess your unique circumstances, discuss the benefits of PGS, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.
ontact Australian Concept Fertility Centre today and embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence, supported by our expertise and commitment to excellence.

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